TheCookieSites is a SaaS (Software as a Service) project which aims at building websites on-the-go, without the need of any technical skills and for free! The idea is simple: you feed in your details and it will build + host (if you choose to host) the website for you. Effectively, one gets a live website in like 10 minutes! And yes, one can do it even from a phone!

Time-varying weathering in Texture Space

An implementation of this paper.


Co-creators: Mohee Datta Gupta, Mohsin Mamoon Hafiz, Srivathsan Baskaran

Prisoner's Dilemma

A modified simulation of Prisoner's Dilemma.



A Linux Shell written in C.


MIPS Processor

A 2-stage pipelined MIPS Processor designed using Verilog.


URL Aliaser

Bored of typing those long URLs again and again? Why not give them an alias!

URL Aliaser is a Chrome Extension, which can give alias to URLs which can then be used for redirecting to the specified page by typing the alias in the address bar with a FORWARD SLASH (/) appended to it.

For eg. If the alias for is set as g, then on the address bar type g/.


VGA Card

A graphics controller using Nexys2 FPGA with ability to display images on a VGA interfaced screen.


Co-creator: Ahish Deshpande

Dot Connect

Ever thought of connecting the dots? You've got a chance now!

Dot-Connect is a multiplayer game written in Javascript. Connect the required number of dots in a straight line oriented in any direction to win. The dots drop in a vertical column and stack one over another. The player who does this first, wins the game. The number of dots required to win can be selected from the menu.


Dot-Jump Game

Played Chrome Browser's Dinosaur Jump right? Ever tried it's hardware implementation?

A basic implementation of Google Chrome's Dinosaur Game on a PCB. With no use of any microcontroller, this project is purely derived from basic electrical components and involves the implementation of Finite State Machines (FSMs) with the help of logic diagrams, etc. The game is simple: Jump across incoming obstacles in order to score a point. If you collide, you loose and the score resets.